International Missions

The Roberts Family- Hanoi, Vietnam 

Greetings from Southeast Asia! Our family has been serving in Vietnam over the past 11 years. We reach out mainly to university students and young adults in the capital city. Our family arrived here as our own "team" as we have 5 children. We made sure our children were actively engaged in ministry which really helped them grow in their walk with Christ.  We now have a weekly service and have local folks serving and growing in the ministry. Our goal is 100% local leadership. We are excited to be actively engaged in what God is doing here.  Thank you for being a big part of our ministry!

Jenna Wirshing-  Feltre, Italy 

In September of 2019 I moved to Northern Italy to serve alongside my very close friends, Landon & Rachel Rogers.  I am currently serving at the church that Landon is pastoring, Calvary Chapel Feltre.  I am involved in the worship ministry, youth ministry, and other aspects of discipleship and evangelism.

Don & Meisha Brown- Costa Rica 

1999 ignited our passion for missions. This first trip took us into Northern Mexico to work in Rosaito Beach. We put together a small band of misfits and took off with guitars in hand. We learned 6 worship songs in Spanish and praised the Lord with those same songs for a week. It was an experience that will forever be etched in our hearts. Since then God has allowed us to continue to work in Mexico, Thailand, Great Britain, Costa Rica and various places in the US with some great ministry teams and wonderful people. As we serve in Costa Rica we ask that you pray with us. We want to come alongside the people of Costa Rica and simply display the love of Jesus through music, the Word, fellowship and any other avenue God opens the doors for. 

Calvary Chapel Feltre

Since planted about 20 years ago, CC Feltre is the first and only Protestant church in the city of Feltre at the base of the Dolomite mountains. With the history of persecution against Protestants believers from the Catholic Church after the reformation, there remains a large void of bible teaching churches in our entire area. Please pray for the Lord to raise up disciples in our city to reach Feltre and beyond with the good news of grace of Jesus.

Annie Russum Missions

God knows us better than we know ourselves! My name is Annie Russum, I am 26 years old and I am a missionary in Northern Cambodia. God brought me into missions after I graduated high school, and I have been involved in mission work since. After a gap year in Cambodia, I attended a Bible program for 2 years while working at the mission organization and leading missions teams over the summers. I’ve been serving God in Cambodia for a total of 4 years now. The plan that I had did not involve missions, but I am so glad that God knows us better than we know ourselves. It’s truly is an honor and a great joy to serve God in a way that I am passionate about. What grace He has! It is my desire to use the life that God gives me daily, to glorify Him, expand His kingdom and share the good news, hope and peace we have through our Lord Jesus! God has provided many opportunities to be involved with to serve Him and volunteer here. One of the organizations I get to work with is called Clothed in Dignity center. There, I get to teach the Bible to new believers/some non-believers, in a Bible study type format with women from the village. I’m also one of three ladies that teach them practical math skills. During the week, I also get to work with People for Care and Learning. I build relationships with the students, teach English as a second language, and am creating some new curriculum for them there. God has also provided the opportunity to serve as one of the leaders of the youth group that stems from People for Care and Learning. It’s wonderful to see how He is bringing the youth here to learn about Him. I’m praying we will always be led by Him and grow towards the needs He wants to see fulfilled. It is also a pleasure to be taking classes right now to learn more of the language. It’s a strong desire of mine to be able to share the Gospel in a way that makes sense to the people here and is clear! Thank you for your prayers and your partnership! I pray that God will advance His kingdom and bring fruit from all the provisions and ministry!

Chosen People Ministries- Jon & Tiffany Davidsen- Jerusalem, Israel 

Jon Davidsen came to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) in 2005 after many difficult years of being a drug addict and alcoholic. When he came to the point of being homeless and almost losing everything, he turned to God. His wife, Tiffanie, came to faith in 2014. She was very lost and felt a great lack of meaning in life. At that point, she cried out to the Lord in desperation and He radically intervened. After several years living their newly found life as Christians, they met, were married, and called to Jewish missions.

Jon and Tiffanie are passionate about missions to the Jewish people. When they open their Bible, they cannot help but see that it was written by Jews and for Jews. Through prayer and intercession, discipleship, teaching, and preaching, they have been ministering to the Jewish people.

For three years, they lived and worked in Jerusalem. Jon and Tiffanie presently serve in Los Angeles, also known to workers as “Little Jerusalem.” There are 600,000 Jewish people presently living in LA and only two full-time ministry workers among them. Hence, there is an immense need for the gospel to go “. . . to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16) in this area. Together, they reach Jewish people for Messiah at public beaches and colleges in West Los Angeles. Jon also reaches Jewish people online with Messianic Bible studies in which he teaches about the Messiah in the Old Testament. Tiffanie ministers to local Jewish women one on one, prays with them, and shares about their Messiah through the Old Testament.

Shilo, Racquell, and Amalia, Stratton-Peru

“Then He said to them, “Thus it is written, and thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem” (Luke 24:46-47 NKJV). Friends, the saving message of Jesus hasn’t changed, and His commission yet remains for the Church to obey. As the work began in Jerusalem and spread through the earth these past two millennia, Jesus is continuing His work of saving souls TODAY, using the Church as His ambassador.

Racquell and I are praying that Jesus uses our lives mightily for His name here in South America. That many disciples are made and Bible teaching churches are planted throughout the world. People need to hear the gospel.
In months past we’ve updated our newsletters with our financial status…and we want to share that thanks to many of your generous ongoing monthly support and one time donations, we can afford to live in Trujillo with our basic needs covered! We will continue to update you with specific needs as they come.

We know that those who give are taking a step of faith along with us. Thank you for your generosity and faith in God in this area. We hope to be a blessing to people in Trujillo and beyond, on your behalf. Really, we’re an extension of the Body of Christ reaching from all over the globe, to continue the church planting and disciple making movement in South America.

Local & Domestic Ministries

Hope For Today

The Hope For Today is a Bible Teaching Ministry of David Hocking. They reach the world with the Word of God through radio and through media.

Compassion Dental

Compassion Dental is a faith-based dental clinic, providing free care to low-income, uninsured adults in Northern Nevada.

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Crisis Pregnancy Center is a 501-c3 non-profit organization serving women and men in Reno, Fernley and the surrounding communities since 1983.  Our centers are comprised of a compassionate and knowledgeable staff of trained client advocates, instructors and community leaders

All Things Possible Ministries

We regularly place ourselves in harm’s way to reach and restore victims of trauma. Our ongoing efforts have helped thousands of children, women and members of our military discover new hope, experience lasting change and receive ongoing support.

Far Reaching Ministries

FRM’s mission is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying of the world, with discipleship as the primary vehicle.