Pastors & Staff

Phil McKay

Lead Pastor 

Pastor Phil's email Is Phil@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads School of Discipleship & Ministry

Juan Rodriguez

Administrative Pastor

Pastor Juan's Email Is Juan@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads Highway 50 

Leonard Sanchez 

Assistant Pastor 

Pastor Leonard's Email Is Leonard@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads Missions & Counseling

Andrew Morales

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Andrew's Email Is Adrew@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads Middle School & Mens Ministry


Heather Kelly

Kid's Ministry Director 

Heather's Email Is Childrensministry@calvarychapelreno.org

Jade Wallace

Administrative Assistant

Jade's Email Is Jade@calvarychapelreno.org

Patsy Walton


Patsy's Email Is Patsy@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads Widows Ministry

Salina Villegas

Women's Ministry Assistant

Salina's Email Is Womensministry@calvarychapelreno.org

Emily Templeton 

Church Secretary 

Emily's Email Is Info@calvarychapelreno.org

Noah Templeton

Sound Engineer & Graphic Design 

Noah's Email Is Noah@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads Aspire Young Adults

Christian Rodriguez

Visual Media Director

Christian's Email Is Christian@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads Aspire Young Adults, Tech Team & Creative Team

Arturo  Ruvalcaba

High School Youth Director & Facilities 

Arturo's Email Is Arturo@calvarychapelreno.org

Sam Smith

Worship Director

Sam's Email Is Sam@calvarychapelreno.org

Gavin Berkley 

Facilities Manager

Gavin's Email is Facilities@calvarychapelreno.org

Leads Service Support Team

Board Members & Elders

Dave Rutherford 

Felix Ortiz

Board of Directors, Vice President & Elder 
Board Member

Jeff Howard

Board Member

Dustin Homen

Board Member

Jim Plyman

Luke Tonata

Board Member

Larry Bertrand


Clay Gardner