One Step to Freedom is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Reno Spark, whose goal is to help those seeking to break free from their addictions, whatever they may be. To accomplish this One Step to Freedom holds periodic workshop Bible studies in Café 2:42 at Calvary Chapel Reno Sparks. Please check the church App/Bulletin for the next workshop.

Our focus is completely based off of what Gods word tells us regarding the sins that afflict us and hold us in bondage. Our desire is to see people set free from addictions, as well as the lies that keep them trapped in sin. Sins like Alcoholism, drugs, gambling, pornography, eating disorders, simply put, whatever idol comes between you and the master and rules your life.

Sin—Not Addiction
It’s a popular view that chemical abusers are victims of a disease or an addiction. However, this non-scientific view of chemical abuse claims the abuser is not responsible for their actions. Instead, the blame is placed on the “addiction” or the “disease.” Yet the Bible calls it sin (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). At some point, an individual made a conscious “choice” to drink alcohol or use drugs. It is not a disease; it is a choice. A disease is something you didn’t choose, it just happened. Taking drugs or alcohol didn’t just happen; the person chose to use them. Afterwards this person began to follow a regular ritual (or pattern) of this choice in their daily lives and now drugs or alcohol have become that person’s idol.

An idol is anything that is given ultimate priority in a person’s life, other than the God of the Bible. Drugs or alcohol become that ultimate priority. The user lives for the next “high.” They literally become a slave to that substance. Their entire life is built, in most cases, around allegiance to that substance. Some may steal to support their habit. Many become acute liars to cover their tracks.

The governing principle of a person’s life is their god. Self, drugs, sex, money, and pleasure can all become a governing desire in a person’s life, and thus, become their idol. Everybody worships someone or something.

The abuser must realize that he or she is an idolater—not an “addict.” They are worshiping and serving their desires, rather than the One and only true living God. Jesus said, “Whoever commits sin is a slave of sin” (John 8:34). Therefore, repentance is needed—not “treatment” of an addiction. For an idolater, this involves switching their allegiance from the life-dominating sin (their idol) to the living God. The person turns from the sins that control them by giving the Holy Spirit control of every area of their life.

There’s always hope.



Please click on the links below for a complete understanding of the One Step To Freedom biblical principles.
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The first step of any battle is to get a plan together. Let’s plan for victory instead of falling into defeat.
Lesson 1: “A Plan for Victory” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 2: “Is Alcoholism a Disease?” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 3: “What are the Works of the Flesh?” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 4: “Is Addiction a Sin?” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 5: “How to Overcome Addiction” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 6: “One Step To Freedom Scriptures” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 7: “The Cycle of Temptation” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 8: “The Cycle of Sin” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 9: “Accountability for Restoration” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 10: “What Is A Daily Devotion?” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 11: A Sample Daily Devotion (PDF) (VIDEO)


The beginning of anything is a pivotal time. Let’s take a look at what God says.
Lesson 1: “Man’s Condition” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 2: “God’s Remedy” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 3: “What God Has to Say About Addiction” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 4: “Put Off and Put On” (PDF) (VIDEO 1)
Lesson 5: “A New Way of Thinking” (PDF) (VIDEO)


What is forgiveness? What does it mean and how does it relate to us as believers?
Lesson 1: “Seeking God’s Help” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 2: “Our Confession” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 3: “Turning Away From Sin” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 4: “Forgiving Others” (PDF) (VIDEO)


To gain victory over life-dominating sin, obedience to God’s Word is vital.
Lesson 1: “Trials and Temptations” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 2: “Be a Doer of God’s Word” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 3: “Don’t Judge Others” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 4: “Your Faith Is Revealed in Works” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 5: “Taming Your Tongue” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 6: “Get Godly Wisdom” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 7: “Pride vs. Humility” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 8: “Perseverance Through Prayer” (PDF) (VIDEO)


What does the phrase “spiritual warfare” even mean? What does it look like and how does it affect our interactions with God and with others?
Lesson 1: “What is Spiritual Warfare?” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 2: “Tactics of the Enemy” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 3: “The Armor of God” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 4: “The Power of Prayer” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 5: “Our Vulnerability” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 6: “Victory In and Through Jesus” (PDF) (VIDEO)


God works. That’s something that we firmly believe in. As we draw near to Him and mature, we begin to see His new traits within us, known as the Fruit of the Spirit.
Lesson 1: “What is the Fruit of the Spirit?” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 2: “Love” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 3: “Joy” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 4: “Peace” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 5: “Patience” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 6: “Kindness” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 7: “Goodness” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 8: “Faithfulness” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 9: “Gentleness” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 10: “Self Control” (PDF) (VIDEO)


Even when we lose faith, God is faithful. We can look to Him in everything.
Lesson 1: “When We Are Tempted” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 2: “No Room for Excuses” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 3: “Treasure God’s Word” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 4: “To Equip and Edify the Saints” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 5: ” God Is Faithful to Deliver” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 6: “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” (PDF) (VIDEO)
Lesson 7: “Trusting God” (PDF) (VIDEO)


Spanish version of the One Step to Freedom Bible study curriculum. (PDF)

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